The location is South-side Jamaica, a rough and tough neighborhood in Queens, New York, and home to Babita Harris, an uninsured single parent who falls ill after returning home from vacation. She is taken to a hospital, where Salome McBryant diagnoses her with having black fever disease, which has done a significant amount of damage to her liver. With a couple of months to live, Babita’s only hope of survival is a costly liver transplant. But with no health insurance, the chance of surgery is slim. What she needs is a quarter of a million dollars in cash. And that’s when Barnes, her only son, along with his best friends, Demus and Baker, spring into dangerous action to get the money. Though their road is paved with good intentions, the brothers in arms are in for a few surprises and a whole lot of heat in this intense drama which tells two remarkable tales of crime and redemption.

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Barnes, Demus, and Baker are back with another actioned-packed adventure. This time, they travel to Monomotapa, Alkebulan, where the king and queen were recently slain by Ego, a familiar nemesis whom the three Black boys thought they had destroyed in the afterlife. But they were deeply mistaken. Now, Ego has in his possession The Hotep Brother Manuscript, a sacred book filled with spiritual laws and enchanting spells, which he uses to turn the Monomotapan military into Egomaniacs. By his side is Deadra, a divine entity, and their goal is to rule Monomotapa and discontinue all shipments of gold to Planet Black, the home of the deities. Currently, the black planet is vulnerable, protected by a thin layer of gold that is quickly depleting. With the threat of an incoming meteoroid shower looming, there’s no telling what might happen to Planet Black if a large shipment of gold doesn’t arrive there soon.

Three Black Boys - Banner 972 x 120