ZANGBA is a conscious emcee out of Long Island, New York. Not too long ago, he released a classic hip-hop and R&B gem, entitled, “I’m Good for You (Workelius Remix)” featuring California-based singer Maskerade.

ZANGBA – “I’m Good for You (Workelius Remix)” featuring Maskerade

“Them other girls cool, but me and you adding up. 10-figure income, I ain’t want ’em bad enough. So, they got subtractive, they were just practice. To me you attractive, so I held you captive. And since that time, you been a slave to my mattress. Plus, you keep it real, on the scene like an actress. We both hot, let’s book a room at the W. All night loving you, I’m all up-up in you. Love is a game, 3 times I took an L in there. Heaven is so high, I might sneak an L in there. In the arms of another girl, I caught hell in there. Can count on one finger, times she was never there. But you much different though, girl you forever here. I’ll tell that to who-ever here. Right where the lawn at, I might lay you on that. He say she say, but we be never on that.” – Verse 2

ZANGBA – “I’m Good For You (Workelius Remix)”

ZANGBA + "I'm Good For You (Workelius Remix)" cover

“I’m Good For You (Workelius Remix)” is a smashing hip-hop ’n’ R&B gem featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Maskerade. The luxurious track, remixed by Swedish producer Workelius, thumps with its ultra-pounding baseline, flirtatious raps, and soulful vocals. Ripe for radio airplay, this dance-friendly ditty is destined to bop heads and shuffle feet in a rhythmic way.



Photo by Denzel Mooney

“The song documents the flirtatious relationship between a man and a woman. Once the carefree and flirtatious period is over, the guy quickly realizes that his love interest is a much better fit than his past girlfriends, making her the perfect wife material. Also, the kale greens, which is pictured on the cover art, symbolizes they’re a great fit.” – ZANGBA

The original version of “I’m Good For You” is featured on ZANGBA’s debut mixtape, entitled, “Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B”. The 10-track project is perfumed with a nostalgic odor and layered with classic raps and a delicious dose of soul music.

“Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B”

Add ZANGBA’s “I’m Good For You (Workelius Remix)” single to your personal playlist.

SOURCE: Bong Mines Entertainment

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Zangba Thomson is an award-winning author (Three Black Boys, Single Man Married Man), a celebrity blogger, conscious emcee, and biopic screenwriter. Also, he's the Editor-in-Chief and online publisher at Bong Mines Entertainment, LLC and creator of Ma Benson's 100% All-Natural Shea Body Butter. His creative works have been seen on or talked about in major media outlets such as FOX 5, NBC, Today, Fox & Friends, Kathy Lee & Hoda, ABC, and Essence Magazine to name a few. Not too long ago, he received a "Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition" from Congressman Charles B. Rangel for his literary achievements, commitment to strengthening our Nation, and making a difference through volunteering service in urban communities.

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